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Creating excellent YouTube videos for your  channel can be a challenge. After all, you want your video to look as professional as possible. You also want it to be engaging and informative for your audience. To do this, you need the right tools and strategies. Luckily, with the right resources, creating high-quality videos is easier than ever before. In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about creating high-quality videos with free tools.

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Which free software is best for YouTube video making?

I’m gonna share with you best free tools you can use to create videos for YouTube. By the end of this article, you’re gonna have everything you need to create amazing looking and sounding videos for YouTube, all for free. Let’s get into it. So the question is, what are some of the best free resources for creating YouTube videos?

Maybe you’re on a budget or there’s a lot of stuff out there and you aren’t really sure which is really worth your time, or maybe you don’t even know what you need to get started, and you just want a high level overview of all the tools and resources you’re gonna need. And in this articles I’m gonna give you all free ones.

So I’m gonna give you the best resource that I’ve found for each particular topic, and some of them have honorable mentions, and these are additional resources that you might want to check out. But if you just stick to the main ones that I’ve picked out for you, for each major category, you’re gonna have more than enough to make amazing YouTube videos.

Now, these are based on my own research and experience and opinions, so if you have additional resources, please feel free to add a comment below so that others can find the information as well. Also, you might wanna bookmark or save this articles for later because there’s a lot of stuff I cover here that you’re gonna want to look back too.

Here are the best free tools for making youtube videos without any watermark:

Stock photography: (For images)

unsplash website

Now, the website I recommend for this is called Unsplash,, they have thousands of free stock photos that you can use in your videos for free. So if you need a photo to reinforce a talking point in one of your videos, this can be a great resource for you. And you can also use these for thumbnails as well.

Others website from where you can take free images are Pixels, and Pixabay, These are both really similar to Unsplash in that they have thousands of free photos for you to use in your projects. So definitely check those out if you can’t find something you need on Unsplash. There websites have millions of images and videos, you can use this images and clips for your youtube videos without getting any copyright claims.

Icons: (Icons, Stickers, Animated icons)

flaticon website

Next up we have icons and what I recommend for this is flat icon, So sometimes you need an actual icon and not just a photo to represent what you’re talking about. And so this resource has thousands of them that you can. For free in almost every niche that you can imagine. And a lot of these are free for personal use and even commercial use.

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All they want is for you to just put a link in the description. The Honorable mention here is this website called game, Now, these are specifically made for games. However, they happen to cover a wide variety of topics that might be really useful to you.

Plus there’s a consistent look to all the icons, so if that’s important to you, that consistent could be a great resource for you as well. And yeah, there’s thousands of icons here and they’re all licensed under the Creative Commons license, so this can be really, really useful for you as a backup icon resource.

Stock Videos:

pexels website

Next up, we have stock videos, and for this I’ve chosen, Pixels, and Pixabay, Stock photo website that I mentioned earlier also have an amazing selection of free videos that you can use to create Youtube Videos. They actually have around 97,000 free videos, and they’re always adding more. Now these are great for spicing up the interest level of your video.

You can throw in a related video to what you’re talking about, some stock footage to reinforce one of your talking points. So if you’re talking about travel, for example, you can show a video of an airplane taking off or the beach, or this awkward looking. The honorable mention here is Bay Videos.

This is really similar to pixel’s videos, but they only have around 33,000 videos, but it’s a nice backup option, so not quite as many as pixel’s videos, but combined this brings you to well over a hundred thousand, so you should be just fine.

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Royalty Free Music:

Free Music Website

Next up we have music, music is must for many types of youtube videos and for this I recommend NCS or no copyright sounds, Now these guys call themselves a record label for creators, and really what this is, is a massive library of free music that you can use for your YouTube videos or even Twitch. And they have a very generous usage policy where really all you have to do is give the artist credit in your description and you’re good to go. They have a big list of genres and moods to filter by.

For example, if you’re looking for a chill, for the background of your video, there are plenty of options and honestly, I was blown away by the quality of the music on this free resource. Some of it sounds like it should be on the radio. It’s like really high quality stuff. And these are all free to use in your videos. It’s a really great resource. So the honorable mention here is the YouTube audio library.

This is a huge library of music built right into YouTube, and the music in this library is all YouTube approved, so you don’t need to worry about getting copyright strikes on your channel. Now, the downside to using this is that everybody else on YouTube has access to these, but most viewers aren’t gonna notice or care.

Sound Effects:

sound effects website

Next up we have sound effects, you have seen many sound effects in youtube videos and for this I recommend free sfx, Now, generally speaking, in most videos, you’re gonna want to have just some basic sound effects like whooshing, swishing, pops bells, stuff like that. On top of that, you might want to have additional sound effects. For whatever it is that’s relevant to your niche. Maybe you want to have some funny sound effects or you want some explosion sounds. I don’t know. It could be anything really. Right? So I found this amazing resource. It’s called Free sfx, and the website honestly looks like it came straight out of a time machine from 1995.

But don’t let that fool you, okay? You’re not gonna be. Seeing the sound effects, you’re gonna be listening to them. And if you listen to these sound effects, they’re actually really good quality. A lot of them are really great. So don’t let this website’s really dated appearance fool you. This is a really, really great resource for sound effects and honestly, it’s the best free sound effects resource I’ve found.

And there’s a sound for just about everything, so you can really make videos that deserve and applause. Other website is free, and these are all free to use, but the interface is a little difficult. It’s kind of hard to find what you want sometimes, but if you do a little digging, you’ll usually find what you’re looking for. The second honorable mention is open game,

Now this is another resource that’s made for games, however, If you think about it, most games have some sort of interface or menu, and a lot of times you need sound effects for those menus. So open game has plenty of whoosh and swish and pop and all the different interface sounds that you might want to use in a YouTube video. It’s actually a really great resource for this. Plus there are lots of packs, for example, this Swishes Sound Pack, and there’s this UI sound effects library that has 105 different sounds and as a bonus, there’s free music here as well.

Screen Recording:

OBS website

Next, we’re gonna talk about screen recording on your computer. If you need B roll footage or you want to capture your screen while you’re talking or doing something, OBS, is the best. So with this piece of software, you can record video directly from your desktop screen and you can also record mic input and computer desktop audio as well.

And it can also be used to stream to Twitch if you want to venture into that direction as well. Next up we have phone screen recording. So you may wanna record footage directly from your phone or a tablet. For example, you might wanna have B-roll footage just demonstrating something or actually do something and show people in your video you doing something on your phone or a tablet. Now there’s a lot of free software out there, but a lot of them put watermarks over your video and we can all agree that that does not look super great and it looks pretty unprofessional.

So here are two amazing screen recorders. You can use both on iPhone or on Android. For iPhone to create Youtube Videos, I recommend GO RECORD, and for Android, I recommend AZ SCREEN RECORDER. Both will let you record videos on your phone that can then be used right in your YouTube videos.

Image Editing:

photo editing website

Next we have image editing, for this, I recommend this amazing free piece of software I found called Photo P, Photo P is a fully featured version of Photoshop for the web, and it’s a hundred percent free. Now it’s supported by these really annoying ads, but it’s still free, and the paid version will hide these. But we’re talking free resources here, so if you can deal with the ads, you’re getting a hundred percent free version of Photoshop for the web. So it’s pretty amazing. This is the nice image editing software to create Youtube Videos.

Drop your file in, do the edits you need and export it, and it feels exactly like you’re using Photoshop to make, and you can actually even save your files as Photoshop documents. And as a bonus, they also have this template section with hundreds of templates to choose from for things like YouTube thumbnails.

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Graphic Design:

canva website

Next we have graphic design, and for this I recommend Canva, This is so mind blowingly packed with value that it’s, it’s just so amazing. It really is like your one stop shop or any sort of graphic design thing that you need. So you’ll most likely wanna use this for your Youtube Videos thumbnails and channel art. You can also make intro and videos with this as well.

There are thousands of thumbnail designs here, and the free plan gives you this huge selection of creative assets to use in your videos. It’s really kind of amazing that this is free and this actually goes beyond YouTube. You can actually use this to create ebook covers, presentations, Instagram stories and posts. I mean, the list goes on. There’s lots of stuff you can do. Basically anything you need a graphic design degree for and it’s free to use.

Video Editing:

video editing website

Next, we have video editing. So now that you have all these amazing tools and resources at your disposal and they’re all free, now you actually need something to make the videos with. For this, you can use a piece of software called Shot, Now this is free, open source and cross platform, meaning it will work on both Windows and Mac. This is the best editing software to create Youtube Videos and this is a fully featured video editor that includes all the basic features you’re gonna need, things like transitions. Effects, text split screens and so on. All of these things are available to you.

Conclusion: So I have covered 10 free resources for creating amazing videos for YouTube. Now you have everything you need to make amazing videos for YouTube and all for free. So use these resources and make your career in you tube and earn a lot. Good Luck!

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