Top 10 Online Business Ideas


For writers and anyone with a passion or expertise to share, creating a blog might be the right fit. Bloggers can make approx $500-$2,000 per month.

Web Designer

Business owners, Service providers etc are often looking to improve their online presence with website. Earn $100 minimum per website.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers earn a commission each time they convert any of their followers into purchasing the brand’s products. Earn  $30K–$50K  annually.


You can sell various products online without investing oin physical shop and earns lots of profits. Earn miminum $ 1,000 per month.


With dropshipping, you can sell products on your business website without managing your own inventory. Earn minimum between $1000-$3000 monthly

App Developer

Seeing that the number of apps downloaded in the last year hit an almost 200 billion, the app business is officially a tour de force.

Facebook Ads

Known as Facebook ad specialists, their goal is to collaborate with clients to help them plan, measure and execute paid marketing campaigns on Facebook. Earn min $500 per month.

SEO Consultant

Becoming an SEO consultant includes learning highly profitable skills in online advertising platforms like Google Ads and Google Analytics. Earn $800 per month


Whether you’re looking to start your own YouTube channel or simply like to vlog, there could be a great money making opportunity coming your way as your viewership grows. Earn $400 per month

Social media Consultant

As a social media consultant, you can help online businesses choose the right platform for their target audience. $50 - $75 per hour