How To Start Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business.

If you are looking for a business ideas that never down and the product is of high demand all over the world then start Tissue Paper Manufacturing business. Tissue paper is one of the useful items of this time. Tissue paper is being used a lot to maintain changing lifestyle daily. The second thing is that the use of water reduces the cost of water. Therefore, people are seen using tissue paper in many forms.

A tissue paper is usually used to clean hands. It is used these days in almost everywhere in restaurant, hotel, dhaba, office, hospital etc. Therefore, doing Tissue Paper Manufacturing business can give a good profit. The business of making tissue paper can be started with the help of very few people, so there is no need to keep more workers. Here all the necessary information related to this business is being given, with the help of which you can establish the business of making tissue paper.

Lets see how to start Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business.

tissue paper uses

Tissue papers are divided into two categories:

  1. Consumer tissue paper: Used for domestic purpose
  2. Commercial tissue paper: Used as napkins, facial tissues, paper towel & toilet papers, this are used in hotels, parties, offices, beauty saloon etc.

Raw Material Required To Make Tissue Paper

Raw material required to make tissue paper are wood pulp, water, chemical for extracting fibers, bleaching agents etc. The main raw materials are wood pulp which is processed to remove impurities and lignin, leaving behind soft, absorbent materials. Some manufacturer uses recycled paper as raw materials. Additives, starch etc are mixed to improve strength and absorbent power. Tissue paper is generally a combination of approximately 70% hardwood and 30% softwood.

Raw Material price required to make tissue paper:

The price of paper rolls is worth Rs 55 per kilogram.

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Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue paper making machine is completely automated. Once this machine is attached to the plane paper roll, the tissue paper comes out. The value of this machine is being given below.

The value of this machine changes with the size of the tissue paper made from it. Currently, the tissue paper of 30 by 30 is sold in the market, the value of which is being given below.

Price: The value of this machine is 5 lakh rupees.

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Area Required

For Manufacturing Tissue Paper.

At least 600 sq ft space is required to install this machine. In addition to the installation of the machine, at least 100 sq ft space is also required for packing etc.

Total expenses

To establish tissue paper making business

The total expenditure for setting up this business is at least 6.5-7 lakh rupees. However, for the establishment of a big plant, you can start this business by putting even more money. In this money, the need for machine raw material, wiring for machine and other electrical resources is met.

Tissue Paper Making Process

Tissue paper is made by very easy process. For this, only one machine is used, the process of which is being given below.

  • First set the paper roll to the rolling place given in the machine. From here a part of the paper roll will be installed in the machine.
  • If you want to make colored tissue paper, then you can add the paper by putting a favorite color in the color place given in the machine, in this color panel to give the paper to the paper like a tag like a hotel or restaurant etc. You can apply rubber tag.
  • Removed from here and goes to the part of the paper roll further for ambosking. The machine has an ambassing roll for embossing. Paper rolls passing through an ambassing rolls in a way transparent, as often tissue papers, occurs.
  • From here, the paper enters the folding section of the machine after embossing. In this section, the paper starts to fold like tissue paper.
  • Tissue paper is fully prepared after cutting.

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Tissue Paper Packaging

Once tissue paper is made, special attention has to be paid to its packing. You can use your registered tag or trademark for packing. Prepare a packet from your trade mark printed plastics and you can add 50 or 100 tissue paper to each packet. Pack these bundles in a large packet and send it according to the order.

License Required For Trading Tissue Paper

To establish this business, the law below is required.

  1. Registration of trade
  2. Trade license
  3. NOC Certificate from Pollution Control Board.
  4. License for factory installation.
  5. Industry Aadhaar MSME Registration.
  6. For export, you will have to get IEC number.

Tissue Paper Marketing

The demand for tissue paper in the market is very high. Keeping in mind the cleanliness, it is used a lot in many places. Its good thing is that it is a recycling and bio degradable item, so there is no damage to the atmosphere. Each year tissue paper consumption is increasing by about 12 percent across the country.

For this reason, the tissue paper industry is slowly taking a big form and people are making good benefits by doing this business in an established form. You can also sell online through amazon, flipkart or through your own website. To develop website at reasonable price visit or contact Sdigital99.

You can sell your tissue paper in the market in retail or wholesale. To sell in retail, you can get an order to make tissue paper directly to the places like big hotels, restaurant etc. You can get some more profits in retail. Many big shops can be contacted to sell in wholesale.

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