How to start Mushroom farming Business.

If you are a farmer and want to open a new business by earning extra money, then mushroom farming can be very beneficial for you. Although you have to take a lot of care to get good yield in this, if you work hard in this, then the profit is also very high. Recently its cultivation has started in states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan. Not only this, mushroom farming has also started in cold states like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir. Its demand is seen very high in the regions of Asia and Africa all over the world.

What is mushroom?

what is mushroom
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Mushroom is a kind of plant but still it is seen like meat. Meaning you cannot call it a vegetarian plant. It contains high amount of proteins and nutrients such as vitamin D. It is made from fungus and if we talk about its shape, it is almost like a honeycomb.

Types of mushroom in India

According to international scientists, about 10000 varieties of it are present on our earth. But if we see from the point of view of business, only about 5 varieties of mushroom exist, out of which only 5 varieties are considered good. Whose names are Button Mushroom, Paddy Straw, Specially Mushroom, Medicinal Mushroom, Dhingri or Oyster Mushroom respectively. Among them button mushroom is the most liked variety. Sometimes it is also called Milky Mushroom.

Places to buy Mushroom seeds online and offline in India

You can order mushroom seed directly online by visiting this link–mushroom-seeds–button-mushroom-spawn.php

or you can also get it directly with the help of government agriculture centers .

Mushroom seeds Price

Its seed costs around Rs 75 per kg, which varies according to the brand and variety. That’s why you have to first decide, what kind of mushroom you want to grow.

How to sell mushroom in India

mushroom eating
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Mushrooms are in demand in many places, hotels, pharmaceutical companies etc. come to suitable places to sell them. Apart from this, mushrooms are mostly used in Chinese food. Due to its other beneficial properties, it is also being used in the field of medicine. Not only this, it is also exported and imported in many countries, that means there are many areas to sell it.

Mushroom cultivation techniques

You can grow mushroom only by artificial (chemical process). For this, you should have a place, on which you can grow mushrooms easily. Mushroom trade in our country has just started in two ways. If you want, you can create a company and start its business. Second way- If you have a farm, means you are a farmer, then you can easily cultivate it, just cover that land like a closed room with the help of wood. So this business can prove to be a new boon for you.

Small scale commercial mushroom growing

If you want to keep it limited to making it a source of additional income, then start it at a small level. Due to which your main business work will not be affected. As mushrooms are grown, it is clear that the scale of your business directly depends on the land. The process of growing other mushrooms is the same whether it is done on a small scale or on a large scale.

Investment or cost required for mushroom farming

The amount charged on this varies according to your capacity and level of business. In this business, you just have to invest money in taking care of it and making a place to grow it. Apart from this, the use of insecticides will also cost. If you start a small business, then you can invest from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000. On the other hand, for big business, it would be appropriate to invest Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.

Mushroom farming profit margin

Talking about profit in business, this business is increasing by 12.9 percent every year in the whole world. This means that you can achieve a good position in this business in a short time. If you start a business in 100 square meters, then you can get a profit of about 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees, that too every year. However, it will depend on the technology that increases your production capacity.

Materials required for mushroom cultivation

If we talk about India, it is grown in the winter time. Because the temperature should be low during its cultivation, along with this, hay or straw of wheat and paddy is required to grow mushrooms. For its protection, you have to buy insecticides and also its seeds. Mushroom cultivation can also be done in the room. Just you have to keep in mind that it is grown only in moisture. Apart from this, you can also buy many organic-inorganic compounds, nitrogenous nutrients, using this gives a significant increase in production capacity.

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Commercial mushroom growing systems

For mushroom cultivation on a large scale, you have to increase the quantity of seeds along with the large space. Means the difference is only in location, cost and buying raw material. The process of growing mushrooms is the same for all.

Mushroom farming process

Mushroom farming at home: You need a room to cultivate it, but if you want, you can start growing mushrooms under it by making a net of wood. All the rest of the steps are same for all level of business which is being explained below.

How to make mushroom compost at home

Manure is required for mushroom cultivation, for which you can use wheat or paddy straw. For this you have to make the straw germ-free. So that the germs and impurities present in it are removed. This is done so that there is no hindrance in the growth of the mushroom crop and there is no hindrance in the growth of the plant and its properties.

You have to mix 1.5 kg of formalin and 150 grams of Babistine in about 1500 litres of water. In this, both the chemicals and pesticides have to be mixed together. After this, add 1 quintal, 50 kg wheat straws to this water and mix it well. After that it has to be covered for some time. Due to which this compost or straw will be prepared as a medium for growing mushrooms for you.

Mushroom plantation

After the first step, spread this straw somewhere outside in the air, this is done so that its moisture can be reduced to 50 percent by bringing it in contact with the air. After this you have to turn the straw again and again. After which it is ready for sowing. Take a polythene bag of 16 by 18 and sow in it according to the layers, like first straw, seeds on top of it and in the same way make 3-4 layers.

Keep in mind that makes holes at the bottom of this bag on both the corners, so that the remaining water can drain out, not only that, tie this foil bag tightly. So that there is no room for air anywhere in it. The proportion of its seed or straw must be equal in each layer. However, this is done in Milky Mushroom only.

While the technique of mixing is used in Orester Mushroom. Means the mushroom seeds and straw are mixed without layers. After the sowing process is over, some small holes are made in this packet. So that the mushroom plants can come out.

Mushroom cultivation precautions

This crop has to be protected from wind for about 15 days, for which you close the room completely. Then after 15 days, leave this room open or arrange for a fan as well. Even you start seeing the mushroom crop as white in color.

How to maintain humidity in mushroom cultivation

To control the humidity, you will have to sprinkle water on the walls sometimes, keep in mind that the humidity should be up to about 70 degrees, after that it is very important to pay attention to the temperature of the room. To grow mushroom crop well, the temperature of about 20 to 30 degree is fine.

Methods of keeping bags of mushrooms.

To do mushroom cultivation in your room, you have to keep the bag containing mushrooms in different ways. You can either hang it by tying it with the help of some wood and rope, or in a way, prepare a cot-like net with wood or any metal on which you can easily keep the packets of mushrooms.

When and how to harvest.

If experts are to be believed, its crop gets ready for harvesting within a maximum of 30 to 40 days. After that you start seeing its fruit, which you can easily break by hand.

Government subsidies for mushroom cultivation

Presently, training is being imparted in Haryana to grow mushrooms. Not only this, schemes have also been made by the government to give loans for mushroom cultivation.

You can get more information about this scheme through website. You have to make a business proposal and go to the government office. You will have to give information about PAN card, Aadhaar card, resident certificate and bank account there.

By doing this you will be given subsidy by the government. If you are a small farmer, then up to 40 percent subsidy will be given on each bag of mushroom fruit and up to 20 percent for a normal person. If you do not want subsidy in this business, then you do not need to register or register it.

Mushroom cultivation government training

Small farmers are being helped in this business by giving them subsidy. Apart from subsidy, free training facility is also being provided by the government. For which the government has opened many training centers. Where you will be taught about all the techniques of growing mushrooms.

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