How To Start Homemade Masala Business In India.

Masala is one of the essential items in Indian kitchen, without masala it’s impossible to give taste to food and masala is a daily useful item. It is essential to have the right masala in the right quantity for any delicious food. Different types of masala are available in kitchen in all houses. Since preparation of masala is a kind of process, it cannot be prepared in every household. You can earn a lot of profit by doing this homemade masala business. You can also earn good profit by selling homemade masala in the market. All the special information related to masala business is being given here.

Raw Material For Making Homemade Masala

For this business, only those raw spices are used as raw material, with the help of which you want to do business. Generally the raw material required for this business is turmeric, black pepper, dry chilli, cumin, coriander etc.

Cost of Making Masala

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The details of the prices of the above mentioned spices are as follows.

  • Dry turmeric: Rs 145 per kg
  • Black pepper: Rs 500 per kg
  • Dry Chilli: Rs 130 per kg
  • Cumin: Rs 200 per kg
  • Coriander: Rs 150 per kg

Machinery For Making Homemade Masala

This industry requires some special machines; With the help of which the quality of your spices can be maintained. This machine is being described here.

  • Cleaner: With the help of this machine pebble stones are cleaned from the raw material of spices.
  • Dryer: Spices are dried using a dryer.
  • Grinding: With the help of this machine, the spices are ground with less effort.
  • Power Grader: This machine works for fine powder down and coarse powder of spices up.
  • Bag Sealing Machine; Packing of spices is done with the help of this machine.

Cost of Machinery For Making Masala At Home

The set up of this complete machine costs around Rs.4 lakhs.

Where to buy: You can buy spices and machines through wholesale or online by visiting the link given below.

Process of Making Homemade Masala

However, if instead of machine-made spices, if the option of hand-prepared spices is available, then people prefer to take hand-made spices. The biggest advantage of this is that the vegetable is much tastier than the spices prepared by hand. And at the same time the spices prepared by hand are relatively more nutritious.

  • First of all, you have to buy all those spices in wholesale, which you want to use in your business.
  • These spices need to be cleaned thoroughly and dried in the sun.
  • After this, it is crushed with the help of mortar and made fine.

Cost For Homemade Masala Business

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A lot of capital is not required to do the business of handmade masala. Don’t buy any heavy machines to grind the spices. Get this grinding work done from outside (grinding shops) in your area. Make sure grinding shops don’t mix any adulterated items in it. Invest on good packaging materials and good packaging design. Get your product designing done with some professional designer. Have good company name and logo. Minimum you need 20000 to 30000 to start this masala business.

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Profit In Homemade Masala Business

You can sell homemade spices for 40 to 50 rupees per packet. Due to which you will earn 20 to 30 rupees per packet. If you sell it in bulk, then you can earn at least 50 thousand to 70 thousand rupees per month. However, how much profit you will get in this business will depend on the quality of your spices. If people like it, then you can make a profit of lakhs by doing this business with your own brand.

Location For Homemade Masala Business

Since this business can be done from home. So you must have a proper place. You need space to dry, grind and package your spices. At least 120 to 150 square meters of space is required for grinding masala and making packets.

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Homemade Masala Packaging

Spice packaging requires special attention. If you want, you can use packet or box for your spices. If you put a sticker of your brand on these packets, it will be very effective. This will create a special identity of your product. You can get plastic packets used for packaging from the market.

Marketing of Homemade Masala Business

Marketing of this business can be done at many levels. If you want, you can do business as a wholesaler or a retailer. You can easily sell your product at wholesale price by talking to the shops of Masala Bazaar. If you make small packets of your spices, then you can easily trade them in different grocery stores of the city. You can do this business very easily even by taking orders from average companies.

Homemade Masala Business Registration

This business is a food business, so necessary registration is mandatory for it. First of all you have to get your firm registered under Udyog Aadhaar or MSME. After this you need to get fssai license from the food department of the government. With this license, questions related to the purity of your spices will not arise. If you want to do business on a large scale, then you have to register your firm either under Proprietorship or Partnership. Also, there is a need to obtain ISI license on your trademark. You need to open a current account in a bank in the name of your firm.

Risk In Homemade Masala Business

There can be some risk in the business of spices at home, because spices get spoiled after a time, if they are sold as soon as possible, then it is better, otherwise you may have to take a risk. That’s why it is better to keep this in mind while preparing the spice stock.

In this way you can start a long term business at your home and earn better profit.


Q: How to make spices at home?

Ans: To make spices at home, you can make ground spices by grinding them. Machines also come for this.

Q: What is the cost of the machine in the business of making spices at home?

Ans: 4 lakh rupees.

Q: How much will it cost to make homemade spices?

Ans: At least 20 to 30 thousand rupees.

Q: How much profit is there in the business of making spices at home?

Ans: Up to about 50 thousand rupees.

Q: Which machines will be required in the business of making spices at home?

Ans: Cleaner, dryer, grinding, power grader, bag sealing machine etc.

Q: From where to buy home spice making business machines?

Ans: You can buy from an online website called Indiamart.

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