How To Start Pearl Farming Business?

Have you ever thought, shining colorful pearls around the neck can brighten up your life? All the expensive jewelry you see in the market can become a golden employment opportunity for you. Whether you are rich or poor these pearls can change your life. If you are thinking of doing such a business i.e. pearl farming business by staying in the village-home, in which your monthly income will exceed at least 50000 and maximum 100000, then you must consider pearl farming business. Pearl farming business is mostly done in rural areas of India, because to do this business a large pond is required in which pearls are reared.

The demand for pearls produced under pearl farming business is strong in the local market as well as in the international market. That’s why ready pearls are sold instantly. There is always a demand for pearls in the market. So in this article we are providing you important information related to “How to do pearl farming business” and “What to do to do pearl farming business”.

Before you start the process of starting a pearl farming business, you should find out what all the things you need to keep in mind to start a pearl farming business.


Because if you start this business without preparation, then due to being inexperienced somewhere, you may have to suffer huge losses in pearl farming business in the beginning itself. Therefore, take your steps forward only after getting complete information about the investment, employees, resources and risks and benefits and disadvantages in pearl farming business. Pearl farming business is a business in which one can earn lakhs of rupees.

So let’s get into details about pearl farming business.

What is pearl farming business?

Moti Farming Business is called Pearl Farming Business in English language. In this business you have to cultivate pearls and when the pearls are ready then they have to be sold for the purpose of business. In this way, the process of selling pearls by cultivating pearls is called pearl farming business.

Pearl farming business is profitable because different types of jewelry are manufactured through it. Therefore, on the basis of their quality, their price is very good. According to the data, the price of pearl per carat can be from ₹ 1000 to around ₹ 200000. That’s why when this type of business is done by a person to earn income; it is called pearl farming business.

How to start pearl farming business?

Below we are sharing with you the complete plan of pearl farming business. In the plan given below, you will know from where you have to get training to start pearl farming business, how much fund you will need, how many employees you will have to hire, what tools you will need. , how much profit can you make and how can you market your pearl farming business.

1: Get Training

One needs technical knowledge to set up pearl farming business. Therefore, first of all you have to get technical knowledge i.e. training to start this business. The person starting this business should find such a training institute located near his house where training related to pearl farming business is provided.

If there is no such training institute near your home, then you can meet such people who are already doing pearl farming business. You can get good training by staying with them for 1 to 2 months. If you want, you can also establish contact with Krishi Vigyan Kendra or Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

Because this institution is run by the government, where you will get complete information about pearl farming business and it will be told how pearl farming is done. By doing this business without getting training, you may have to bear the loss in the beginning itself.

2: Select the place for pearl farming

When you select the place to start the business of pearl farming i.e. pearl farming, then keep in mind that the place where you want to start this business means the place where you want to cultivate pearl farming. There should be sufficient amount of water available.

Along with this, that place should be permanent. It means to say that once the form is built, there is no need to move it from here to there again and again. Along with this, the location should be such where there is no fear of theft or robbery and electricity connection should also be good at that place.

3: Set up your farm

Now the place you have selected for pearl farming business, you will need to set up the farm there. For this, the person will need to get thatch made for surgery etc. and the person will also have to get the pond constructed. Along with this, to start pearl farming business, one has to set up a culture unit.

4: Storage of the Mussel or Pearl Oyster

Now one needs to find the healthy pearl oyster. To find this, one can meet such farm owners who are already doing pearl farming business. Apart from this, if a person wants, he can also collect it from places like river, pond or lake. If you want, you can catch it by yourself or you can keep it in a bucket or container or any other utensil with water.

5: Preparing Pearl Oysters for Pre-culture

After collecting pearl oyster you need to prepare it for pre culture. For this action, you have to collect and keep them with water for about 2 to 3 days. You need to put one mussel in 1 liter of water.

6: Start the implantation process

Explain that the process of implantation may vary depending on the location of the pearl farming business. In general, this is accomplished by three different methods. Such as mantle cavity implantation, mantle tissue implantation and gonad implantation.

7: Post operative care of the oyster

Oysters that undergo the implant procedure are then kept in the unit for post-operative care. This unit is manufactured by nylon bag. In this, they are kept for about 10 to 12 days and they are given antibiotic treatment.

Apart from this, natural food is also provided to them and they have to check daily whether any oyster has died. If an oyster has died, then in such a situation it has to be removed from there, so that other oysters do not get spoiled or they do not get infected.

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8: Put the finished oysters in the pond!

After post-operative care, the oysters are put into the pond. However, even inside the pond, they are put in nylon bags only and only two mussels are kept in each bag. They are not put directly under the water in the pond, rather they are hanged in the pond with the help of bamboo sticks.

According to the information, 25000 to 30000 mussel cultures are done in about 1 hectare space and organic fertilizers are given to the pond, as well as mussel care is also taken from time to time.

9: Begin the Harvesting Process!

In the pearl farming business, after the culture period is over, Munsell is the last to be harvested and after this process, the pearl is ready. Now the pearl is all set to sell.

Climate and process required for pearl farming

Different types of oysters are used to grow pearls. There are thousands of types of oysters. Their shells are also of many colors.

Like- pink, red, yellow, orange, brown and can be of many other colors.

The cold season is considered useful for pearl cultivation.

  • Firstly the oysters are collected from the pond or river.
  • After that it is left in water for 15 days.
  • After 15 days the surgery of oysters is done. Under surgery, simple or designer beads of 4 to 6 ml diameter are inserted inside each oyster, such as the shape of a god or a flower leaf.
  • Oysters are closed by putting seeds inside.
  • The oysters are then placed in a nylon bag, suspended from a bamboo or PVC pipe and released into the pond at a depth of one meter.
  • Within about 1 year, it becomes ready by becoming a pearl.
  • Those oysters are removed and cataracts are extracted from them.
  • Oysters are also given food within 1 year.

Along with this, many types of precautions are also taken, the information of which you will get after reading further in the article.

Essential items for pearl farming

  1. Pond of at least 10 times feet or bigger size. In a pond as small as 0.4 hectare, pearls can be produced from maximum 25000 oysters.
  2. There are many types of oysters. They have many colors, but bivalve type of snails are used for farming, out of which the Ost snail makes the most pearls.
  3. Oyster food such as algae, calcium and medicines which are put inside the oyster which are eaten by oysters.

Take special care of these things in pearl farming

It is important to take care of some things for pearl rearing.

  1. Follow the rules taught while doing the surgery.
  2. Put the pearl seed inside the oysters at the right place.
  3. Place the oysters at a height of one and a half feet from the ground.

Because its ammonia is below. Oysters can die by eating it.

  1. Don’t keep oysters out of water for more than 2-3 hours.
  2. Keep checking those oysters from time to time.
  3. By touching the oysters it can be ascertained whether they are alive or dead.
  4. If oysters are alive, they will close their mouth as soon as they are touched or they will not close their mouth.

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Investment In Pearl Farming Business

You may need to invest up to ₹100000 to start small scale pearl farming business. Apart from this, about 5 to ₹ 600000 may be required to start pearl farming business on a large scale.

Because under Moti Farming Business, you need to dig a big pond, for which JCB machine is considered the best tool to dig. Apart from this, you also have to carry out surgical activity and you have to set up a culture unit. You also need table and chair for surgical room and you have to make a small room for the person who will work in this business.

Along with this, arrangement of fan, light also has to be given and commercial electricity connection has to be taken. In this way, 1 lakh in small scale and 5 to ₹ 600000 in large scale can be engaged in this business.

Equipment in Pearl Farming Business

You will need a fan as an equipment in pearl farming business. Apart from this, you will also need nylon bags, as well as you will need two chairs and a table for people to sit.

Apart from this, you will need copy books etc. to keep accounts, as well as packing items to store the finished pearls.

Risk In Pearl Farming Business

Many times it is seen that the pond in which the business of pearl farming is being done by the person, due to one reason or the other, infection occurs in that pond, due to which most of the oysters die and in such a condition pearls the person doing farming business suffers loss.

Apart from this, sometimes due to mistake, more water is filled in the pond. This is also a major risk in this business along with this, if any oyster gets infected.

Profit In Pearl Farming Business

The price of a pearl in the market ranges from ₹ 8 to ₹ 12. The price of 1 mm to 20 mm pearl in the market ranges from ₹ 300 to ₹ 1500. In the present times, designer pearls are being liked a lot and it is also in high demand in the market. That’s why it fetches a very good price in the market.

Compared to Indian market, money can be earned by exporting to foreign market, because different types of decorative items are prepared using Modi. Apart from this, Modi is also used extensively to extract perfume oil. Therefore pearls can be sold quickly in the local market.

In this way, you can calculate your profit in pearl farming business in the same way as you get the price of pearls.

Employees in Moti Farming Business

If you are starting pearl farming business at a small level, then you can start this business by keeping an employee with you. But if you are starting this business on a large scale, then you will need at least one more requirement of total 2 people with yourself.

Because in pearl farming business you have to guard the pond for 24 hours. That’s why if you have employees, they will work on hourly basis and help you run your business properly. Before hiring the employees, you should have a firm discussion about their monthly salary so that you will be saved from the subsequent debate.

And if it is not removed from other oysters at the right time, then this infection can spread in most oysters, which can cause damage. Therefore one should be cautious to avoid the risk in pearl farming business.

Marketing of Moti Farming Business

pearl farming

To make a strong profit from the pearl farming business, you also need to do a little marketing. If you are doing this business in rural area.

So you can get your pearl farming business banner installed at a busy crossroad in the rural area, as well as you can talk about your business with people you know for marketing without spending ₹ 1.

Apart from this, if you use social media, then you can share your business banner in different groups of social media.

Apart from this, if you have any other idea of marketing in your mind, then you can implement that too. The more marketing you do for your pearl farming business, the more likely you are to get more customers which will increase your income.

License and Registration for Pearl Farming Business

When pearl farming business is started by you then you have to take commercial electricity connection because it comes in commercial business.

Apart from this, if you are doing pearl farming business by being attached with a company, then you should also have NOC certificate issued by the local municipality or by the head of the village.

And you should also have all your necessary documents available and you should also have a photo copy of the agreement made with the concerned company.


Q: How much investment can be required to start pearl farming business?

ANS: This investment depends on the level of your business.

Q: What is pearl farming business called in English?

ANS: It is called Pearl Farming Business in English language.

Q: How to do pearl business?

ANS: Its information is given in the article.

Q: What is the cost of one pearl?

ANS: The cost of a good quality pearl can range from ₹300 to ₹1500.

Q: How long is the pearl farming training?

ANS: 17 to 20 days

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