How to speak English fluently for beginners.

In this article, I’m gonna teach you one of the most powerful methods I know to help you speak English fluently. And this article is very, very special to me because this is my mother’s recipe and I practiced this method in my first standard and my second standard because of which I am able to speak English fluently, So let’s get started and learn

“ How to speak English fluently for beginners.”

Now, there are three things that you need to know about this method.

Number one, all of my methods require at least 90 days of rigorous practice, and we do not believe in instant results because the truth is greatness takes time.

Number two, I’m gonna give you a book recommendation so that you can apply all the learning’s that I’m giving you in this articles.So read to what I’m saying very, very carefully, and stay with me till the end.

Number three, if you follow this method, it can give you unimaginably amazing results. So, So that you can go there and curate a TEDx level talk in about 12 months. But for that, you have to follow all the things that I’m telling you very, very meticulously.

So if this is very, very clear to you, let’s look at the six important steps to execute this method.

Step number one:

Get hold of a beginner level storybook that you are truly fascinated by. Usually these are the ones that are used to teach high school. For example, in my case, my mother gave me an a  story book collection, and she also gave me a 10 Ramen story book collection. These books have these short one to two page stories, which are very, very easy to understand and are also very, very interesting.

Step number two:
Every day, read one story from that book, understands the story very well, and try to write that story in your own words without looking at the story.

Step number three:

While you write the story, you will realize that you are not able to frame a few sentences. You are not able to express a few words, and that is when you get back to the book and see how the author has written the exact same sentence. And here’s where you will begin to find new words and new phrases, which will eventually develop your vocabulary.

This is by far the most effective way to develop your vocabulary. Otherwise, you know, I’ve seen a lot of people who follow this cliché method of learning three words a day with logic that if you do it for like one year, you might become Shashi. Well, that is not because people, if you do not understand the context of the word that you’re learning, you will never be able to inculcate those words in your day to day language.

And this method of revisiting the book and filling into your vocabulary gaps by referring to the author’s language will boost your vocabulary in the most effective manner and very, very easily. Fun fact, after you start doing this for a month, you will realize that you really do not need a vast vocabulary to speak good English.

In fact, extraordinary vocabulary will begin to backfire and will become a problem. A simple example of the same is suu. She is such a wonderful writer that I often fall short of words to describe her skill. But the reason why her books are so beautiful is because she uses a very simple language, and that’s the reason why a vast majority of the audience is able to resonate with her thoughts.

So never, ever just learn words from the dictionary. Always try to understand what context is it being used, because context and meaning together are what form great.

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Step number four:

All about grammar exercises, and here’s where you gotta use this tool called Grammarly. By the way, I wanna tell you that this is a genuine recommendation and not a paid promotion. Most people use Grammarly only to correct their mistakes, and they often forget that it could also be used as a super powerful tool to improve your language. And here’s how you could use that for your stories. After you write down all those stories in that separate piece of paper, copy paste that on the Grammarly.

And immediately the Grammarly software will start pointing out mistakes. And the one thing that you’ll notice is that it doesn’t just tell you what is wrong. It also tells you the kind of grammatical mistake that you’ve made. For example, if I’ve written an incorrect sentence, which says I does not know how to do it, Grammarly points out that this is a mistake of work form.

Now, here’s where you refer to this golden book called Ronald Martin. It has still got my Sister’s School Cup Brown cover, and this book has been a legendary book for generations. I learned English from it. My eldest sister learned English from it, and my mother also learned English from this. So all you have to do is look for what type of mistakes you are making that Grammarly is pointing out.

For example, if Grammarly says that you are making a mistake in VO form, all you have to do is look at the Vernon Martin’s index, find out where it has given VO form exercises, and do every single exercise that falls under the title of work form. If it says you’ve made a mistake with data miners, go to the data miners section and do every single exercise. If you do that, your grammar will improve drastically and very, very quickly.

Step number five:

After you’ve done all the exercises, come back and write the exact same story. And this time you’ll observe that your brain is automatically able to spot not just that one correction of work form, but literally every single war form in the entire story, which means what? You just leveled up your grammar, and just in case you happen to be in touch with a high school English teacher, even, she would be able to help you out with the same, and the point to be noted over here is that the reason why I specifically mentioned a high school teacher, Is because she will be able to point out not just the mistakes that you’re making, but she’ll also be able to teach you the intricacies of the language, which is very, very important. And the reason why I give you Grammarly is because I don’t even want to leave an it scope for you to make an excuse for not learning English.

Step number six:

The last step would be to hold a selfie camera in front of you and narrate the entire story to that selfie camera as if it is a human. Once you start doing this, you will speak English both fluently and you’ll also end up speaking grammatically correct English. Now over here, one of the most common mistakes people make is that they directly jump to speaking English, and they somehow believe that once they start practicing automatically their English will become fluent. In the race of that, they end up having fluent English, but that English is grammatically incorrect, which is even more.

This is the best I can do to give you the motivation to start so that you don’t gimme any excuses for not following the process. And people, trust me. When you follow this process, you are practically designing a very powerful feedback loop, which means what? You make a mistake and then you learn what exactly is the root cause of your. Then you understand how to overcome it, and then you get back to the drawing board and you rectify that mistake eventually to never make the same mistake again. This is exactly the philosophy based on which every single thing school course has been designed.

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