Top 10 food business ideas in India.

India ranks second in food production and there are many food business ideas in India, here we will let you know top 10 ideas. The recipe here is famous all over the world. There are many who wants to do food business but confused in terms of ideas, so here we will give top 10 food business ideas to be done in India. There are many states and cities in our country which are known for their distinct type of dish. For example, Agra is famous for Petha, West Bengal is famous for Rasgulla, Hyderabad is famous for Chicken Biryani and Bihar is famous for Litti Chokha.

If you are also fond of cooking or interested in food business or want to open a food joint? Then this blog is for you only. In this blog, we will tell you about 10 food business ideas from which you can take inspiration and start your own business, so let’s find it out.


Top 10 Food Business Ideas in India

  1. Juice Shop

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Nowadays people are very concerned about their health and diet regime. Hence, a fruit juice shop is a great business idea for a healthy food option. Nowadays the demand for fruit juices is increasing. You can also open a packaged fruit juice business or start a retail fruit juice shop with low investment. This is common food business ideas in India. You can also try various seasonal fresh fruit juices. You can also add tangy juices, fruits, canned juices, ice cream and other recipes for your customers.

  1. Mobile Food Van

Mobile food vans are very popular in reducing the shop’s expenses. This is such a means in which you can prepare and decorate your food items from home and apply them in crowded areas. Mobile food vans are highly demanded stalls in the food business. In this type of mobile van, you can do food business according to your choice or skill. Whether it is an ice cream parlor or a fast food shop.

Mobile food van business requires less investment and gives good profit, the demand and sales of food dishes are high because of its low cost and investment and maintenance cost. That’s why this is good food business ideas in India.

Food business done on mobile food van

  • Fast Food
  • Indian Chat
  • Burger
  • Momos
  • Chowmein
  • Italian etc.
  1. Cooking Classes

If you like to cook as well as share recipes, then cooking classes are a good career option. In this business, you have to share the information from cooking to serving. For this, you can run cooking classes from your home or through online mediums. With this you can record your recipe. This food business ideas in India is good for those who has passion in cooking.  Cooking classes are a great way to build a personal connection with an audience.

  1. Coffee Shop

Like tea, coffee is also a popular drink. You can earn more income in less cost by starting coffee shop business. Let us tell you, the coffee shop business is expected to reach a revenue of $155.64 billion by 2026. You can open coffee shop near market, office, college, university.

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  1. Pickle Business

Pickles are a part of the cuisine in India. There are many different pickling techniques and many different types of pickles are made. You can do fruit or vegetable pickle business. House wife can choose this business for self employment. If people like the taste of your pickle, then no one can stop you from getting success in this business.

  1. Jam and Jelly Business

The business of jam and jelly is growing very fast. If you are a jam lover and are expert in the art of making delicious jams and jellies, then this is a good business idea for you. You can easily start this business with low cost. Children like jam and jelly very much, so you can open this business in colony or residential areas. You can work seasonally or all year round.

  1. Chips Business

The worldwide chips market has witnessed a significant growth in the last few years. Nowadays there is a lot of craze for chips everywhere. This business can be started at a very low cost because chips are mainly made from potato, banana, flour, which are very cheap at the time of production. You can buy potatoes directly from the farmers.

You can go ahead and experiment with chips with a variety of flavors, textures, and ingredients.

  1. Snack Store (Namkeen Business)

Who does not like salty food, this is one such snack which is liked by everyone from children to old people. The salty snacks market has witnessed phenomenal growth in the recent past and continues to flourish.

You can make Namkeen in many flavours. Like- roasted gram, parmesan crisp, sev, bhujia, salted peanuts etc. There is a huge demand for these snacks and this market is not going to end anytime soon. You can make and sell delicious salty snacks in the market.

  1. Chocolate Business

chocolate business

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The word ‘chocolate’ instantly fills one’s mouth with excitement and water. Chocolate is one of the sweetest things that one can eat. According to the report of 2016 there is a demand of more than 226 thousand tons of chocolate per year. This particular figure is enough to understand the potential of chocolate making business in India in particular.

India is a country which has a calendar full of festivals every month. For Indians, celebration means one thing, and that is sweets and chocolates. Be it Diwali, or Raksha Bandhan, there is a trend of people gifting chocolates to each other. The business of chocolate business requires less capital and labor. Women can easily do this at home.

  1. Grain Grinding Business

Flour is a key ingredient in many recipes. Many products of the bakery industry are highly dependent on quality flour. You can be self employed by starting your own flour mill.

Different items like bread, roti, cookies, cake, naan, namkeen etc require different types of flour. Apart from this, people are preferring healthier flours like barley, gram along with wheat. This is long term food business ideas in India with good income.

Grain grinding business is a good business option! You can either sell online or approach with bakery manufacturing units.

This was it, the talk of Top 10 Food Business Ideas. Read merarojgar blog for more such business ideas.

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