Car Crash Google’s Pixels Reaches To India: How to enable it.

To enable Car crash detection on Pixel phones, users need to navigate to the Personal Safety app, select ‘Features,’ and activate the feature by following setup instructions.

Car Crash Google’s Pixels

Google is expanding the availability of the crash detection feature on Pixel phones to other countries, including India. Google has added India and four other countries to the list of supported regions for this feature.

The car detection feature was originally introduced to Pixel phones in the US in 2019. According to Google and the Pixel phone support page, the crash detection feature originally identified by Android Central is currently supported in five additional countries. Those new countries are India, Austria, Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland.

According to a report by Gadgets 360, this feature is currently not available in Indian languages. It’s important to emphasize that collision detection is only available on Pixel and newer phones, and the phone must have an active SIM card for the feature to work.

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Apparently, you can enable crash detection on your Pixel device by opening the Personal Safety app on your phone. Select “Features” in the app and scroll down to find “Car Crash Detection”.

Tap on it and follow the installation instructions to activate the feature on your phone. It is important to provide location, physical activity and microphone permissions for the feature to work properly.

This feature is designed to detect severe car accidents for Pixel users. It automatically notifies emergency services and shares the user’s location. Google and the Pixel and newer phone models, including the recently released Pixel Fold, use data such as phone location, motion sensors and nearby sounds to detect crashes.

When a car accident is detected, the Pixel phone vibrates, sounds a loud alarm and asks if help is needed. After confirmation or if there is no answer, the phone will try to contact India’s universal emergency number 112 and provide them with the user’s location and the 039 number and information related to the crash.


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