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Innovative Business Ideas: 10 Unique Ventures to Start in 2024

Shahid QNov 29, 20235 min read
innovative business ideas

Starting a business is an exciting endeavor, and in the dynamic environment of 2024, an innovative business idea is the key to success. The companies that stand out are the ones…

How To Start A T-Shirt Printing Business?

Shahid QNov 26, 202311 min read
T-Shirt Printing Business

There are more ways to start a business that also offer creative opportunities. Selling T-shirts with your art, words or anything else printed on them…

Bengal Global Business Summit 2023

Shahid QNov 23, 20237 min read
Bengal Global Business Summit

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee spoke at Bengal Global Business Summit 2023 about central investigating agencies and said that they are breathing down the neck…

Elon Musk’s xAI to unveil its first product.

Shahid QNov 10, 20232 min read

Elon Musk announced in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that xAI will release its first AI product to a select group of people on…

Reliance JioGlass: Let’s You Watch A 100-Inch Virtual Tv.

Shahid QNov 4, 20233 min read
Reliance JioGlass

In India Mobile Congress 2023, Reliance introduced its Jio Glass smart glasses in India known as Reliance JioGlass. These glasses support both Augmented Reality (AR)…

Car Crash Google’s Pixels Reaches To India: How to enable it.

Shahid QNov 3, 20232 min read
Car Crash Google's Pixels

To enable Car crash detection on Pixel phones, users need to navigate to the Personal Safety app, select ‘Features,’ and activate the feature by following…