50 Best Business Ideas With Low Investments.

About 70% of our population generates an income of about ₹ 20,000 a month and is able to meet their daily expenses with great difficulty, that’s why everyone wants to know alternative source of income or best business ideas with low investments. Keeping in mind in this article we will let you know best 50 business ideas with low investments.

Do you know that India is full of startup and business opportunities and there are unlimited possibilities to earn money by working here, so why not use these unlimited possibilities to earn money and earn more money for less money as mentioned below Ensure your economic progress by doing business?

If you also want to know how to do good business with less money, then this post is for you. Here you will find best business ideas with very little money, best business idea and some important guidance to setup your business.

50 Best Business Ideas With Less Investments.

We are telling you the list of business which can be started in less money with investment. About whom you can start by getting proper information and knowledge and earn good money sitting at home or in your area or through online medium. Let us know the answer to your important question “tell a good business with less money”.

Ice Cream Business


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The ice cream business in India is no longer seasonal and has become an evergreen business and is considered to be a low-cost, high-earning business. The investment in this is less than about ₹ 50,000 and you set up a good business of your own. Only the best quality will give you success in this business, so keep in mind, never compromise with quality.

Furniture Business

Furniture business has always been a high demanding business in India and if you have an investment of around ₹ 2,00,000 then you can start this business and earn good money by staying in your local area. You can make furniture yourself or buy readymade furniture and supply it in wholesale.

Water Filter (RO) Plant

Pure water is always in demand and very essential for all of us, so this is also one of the most high demanding business ideas coming in the category of evergreen business which can make you rich instantly in a very short span of time. The minimum investment in setting up an ARO plant can be Rs 1.5 to 2.5 lakh.

Plastic Pipe Business

Trading of plastic pipes also comes under the category of a profitable business model. You can buy different types of plastic pipes from manufacturers and sell them to retailers at wholesale rates and earn good profit margins. The minimum investment to start this kam paise me business idea can be ₹1,50,000 to 4,00,000.

Electronic Item Business

The business of electronic items is considered to be a high demanding, high profit business. If you have at least ₹ 2,00,000 then you can start this business. If you want to know which is a good business with less money, then the business of electronic items is the best option.

Grocery Wholesale Business

Do you know that you can earn well by doing wholesale grocery business in business to business or business to retail. If you have ₹80,000 to 1,00,000 then you can set up a good business and become a wholesaler from a grocery retailer.

Readymade Garments Business


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Readymade garments are in demand 365 days a year in India so you can start this business online or offline with as little as ₹80,000 and ensure your financial growth while earning handsomely. The business of readymade garments mainly comes in the list of best and trending business in less money.

Wholesale Fruit And Vegetable Business

Like groceries, there is always a demand for fruits and vegetables. You can start this business in direct vegetable market or by contacting farmers with retailers in market and earn good profit margin. This is also considered to be an evergreen and less money-earning job.

Toy Business

You can make all kinds of toys or directly contact the manufacturer and supply it to small and medium shopkeepers at wholesale rates. To start this  business, you must have an investment of at least ₹ 1,00,000.

Business of Readymade Bags

You can make readymade bags yourself or sell them in wholesale by contacting the manufacturer. This work can be started with as little as ₹50,000. A bag making machine comes in around ₹ 25000. Save money and start your own readymade bags business to meet your financial goals.

Making Desserts And Snacks

The business of making sweets and snacks is also an evergreen business. You can start this work in your nearest area for around ₹ 30,000 and earn good profit margin after some time.

Sanitizer Business

The business of sanitizer is on the booming stage since the Corona period, that is why you can make sanitizer yourself or buy it in wholesale and sell it to retailers. You can start this work for around ₹ 50,000.

Tea & Coffee Shop

Do you despise the work of tea and coffee, then this is your misunderstanding. Anyone can become a millionaire by doing this work, the best example of this is MBA Chaiwala. So why don’t you start making tea from today itself and make Indian tea famous all over the world by doing tea business with less money and more money.

Auto Parts Business

Auto parts business is also considered a good and evergreen business. To start this business, you should have an investment of at least ₹ 2,50,000. No doubt, you can earn good money from auto parts business

Tire Tube Business

Do you want to tell good business in less money then you should definitely start tire-tube business. Although, you need to have at least ₹6,00,000 to start this business, but it is a very profitable business model.

Hair & Beauty Salon


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Talking about evergreen business with less money, the name of Hair and Beauty Salon comes prominently. Why don’t you start this work with very little money with the help of internet. You can start this work for around ₹ 40,000.

Paper Product Trading

Trading paper products is a major idea in a low cost and high profit business. The minimum investment to start this business can be around ₹40,000. The government is also promoting paper products.

Electric Fuel Station

After the advent of electronic vehicles, the demand for electric fuel stations is increasing rapidly. If we talk about doing a good business with less money, then electric fuel station is a high demanding and trending idea. Minimum investment of ₹5,00,000 is required to earn good money.

Supply of Wholesale Noodles

Noodle supply is a great business idea to start with less money. You can generate good income by starting it in ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 50,000. Are you ready to do B2B and B2C business by making contact with people, you can supply noodles.

Food Home Delivery

If you focus on quality and know how to make best tasty food then you can start food home delivery business. In this, your investment will be less than ₹ 15,000 to 20,000, but if you do this work in a proper way, then you can achieve good growth in the coming one or two years.

Starting A Blogging Agency

Due to the increasing influence online today a new way to earn money online has emerged which is known as blogging. If you are interested in content writing, then blogging can become a perfect low-cost online money-making business for you, you can start a blogging agency.

Affiliate Marketing Agency

Affiliate marketing has also emerged as a good business idea in the online world. The investment in this is almost negligible, but you have to learn properly about Affiliate Marketing and give 4 to 8 months of time, only then you will be able to move forward in this field.

Social Media Management Agency

We all use social media so why not make it a way of earning money for yourself. Social media is achieving growth at the rate of almost 200%, so it can become a low-cost business idea for you and a means of earning money.

Social Media Influencer

Are you searching to earn money online that if you tell good business in less money then you can become a social media influencer. Talking about great ways to earn money today with almost no investment, becoming a social media influencer comes at number 1.

Create Online Course

After Corona, the demand for online courses has increased a lot due to the entire education system being online, so you can take advantage of this opportunity and strengthen your financial position by converting your knowledge into online courses. Your knowledge is the biggest investment in this.

Freelancing Service Agency

You can start a freelancer agency and hire expert freelancers of different subjects as per your requirement. The demand for this work has increased a lot in the last 7 years and it is expected to increase at the rate of about 350% in the coming 10 years.

Create Online Games

The most trending and new business that can be started with less effort and less money is online game making. How do you earn money playing games? You can create games by knowing about and learning different gaming languages at your level. The investment in this is almost zero and the earning potential is unlimited, so you must make online games.

Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business is going to grow very fast in the coming few years, so why not take advantage of this opportunity by being the first mover. You can do dropshipping in two ways, online and offline. It depends on your investment and working convenience.

Create Android App

About 97 percent of Android apps run in India and their demand is increasing as the mobile audience grows. You can create an Android app by creating an agency, which can be the best idea for you to earn big money.

Blockchain Consulting Service

Talking about high growth business with less money, you can start a blockchain consulting agency and advise companies and professionals on how to implement blockchain technology and its business advantages. Of course, the investment may be a bit high in this, but it is a future-run business with less money.

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Digital And Graphic Art Creation

Of course, there is still a demand for digital and graphic arts and you should start this job by gaining knowledge. You can start this work as an agency for as low as ₹60,000 which can be a high demand profitable business for you.

Software Development Agency

Software development agency is considered to be another very high earning business. By learning about software development, you can work at your own level and slowly growing, you can form an agency and provide your services to big corporates in India and abroad.

T-Shirt Designing Work

In this era of Hollywood-Bollywood, people like to wear fancy and trending design T-shirts and dresses. You can achieve good growth financially in the online and offline world by becoming a T-shirt designer. Your creativity is the biggest investment in this work.

Providing Hostel Facilities

There is always a demand for hostels in India and currently there are many hostels available but good food is not available there and cleanliness is not there then you can provide hostel chain facility in different cities. You can start with a single hostel in the beginning.

Kids Music Center

Today’s kids are very creative and naughty so to make them happy there is need of sport center, music center etc. You can add to the happiness of children by starting a Kids Music Center. A basic music center can start for around Rs.7,00,000.

Makeup & Beauty Parlor

Today, along with women, the trend of makeup and beauty is increasing among men. You can start this work for around ₹ 2,00,000 and earn well sitting at home. You can start your own cosmetic item business. You can take the help of internet to learn makeup-beauty art, almost all the necessary knowledge will be available here for free.

3D Printing & Designing

Talking about a great business with less money, 3D printing and designing can be a good idea. You can start working on this business idea with an investment of around ₹5,00,000-8,00,000. The earning potential is unlimited but you need to specialize in this field with the necessary knowledge required.

Machine Repairing Service Center

Do you want to earn well in your local area and want to know profitable business, then machine repairing service center kam paise mein achcha business option can be for you. This work starts from around ₹70,000 to ₹1,00,000. Along with this, you can also earn well by opening a computer service center.

Yoga & Meditation Center

People are becoming more conscious about their health that’s why they are getting more attracted towards yoga and meditation today so definitely, you should help to improve the health of these people by starting yoga and meditation center and you can save your financial life. You can also improve the situation.

Making Plastic Bottles

This business runs for 365 days and its demand is always there in the Indian market, you should definitely start this business. A simple plastic bottle making machine comes in around ₹40,000-70,000 and you can achieve good growth with your best marketing skills.

Video Game Playing Center

If you are looking for a good business with less money, then online video game playing center can be the right answer. The minimum investment in this is ₹ 5,00,000 to 7,00,000, so before starting, get knowledge and information about it well.

Making Dairy Products

Dairy products are one of the most important products of daily use in our everyday life. You can start this business with around ₹ 50000 and on the basis of good marketing planning and best product quality, you can achieve unlimited growth in the Indian market.

Artificial Flower Business

All Indian people love flowers, you can decorate their homes by making artificial and artificial flowers. Definitely, you will earn a lot of money and will also be able to make people happy. Initially, the business of artificial flowers can be started for around ₹ 40,000 to ₹ 70,000.

Spice Powder Business

If you want to start an instant earning business with less money, then do the business of spice powders. This evergreen business is very high demand, high profit making which will start giving you good results in 10 to 15 days of starting. The initial investment in this can be as low as ₹30,000 to ₹60,000.

Tea Leaf Business

Trading of tea leaves is a 365 day business. You can start it and earn good money in less money. You can buy tea leaves from different parts of India and supply them to different areas. You can start this business from anywhere with around ₹ 2,00,000.

Flour Milling And Packaging

Flour packaging is considered a major task in the business and business that earns more money with less effort. This business starts in around ₹ 50,000. A simple atta packaging machine comes in around ₹30,000 and you can register your brand name and supply atta online-offline.

Slippers And Shoes Business

The wholesale business of slippers and shoes can be started for around ₹80,000. If you want to make shoes and slippers yourself, then a shoe-slipper machine comes in around ₹ 40,000. If you do this work in bulk also then you can earn good money.

Cooking For Diabetics

Like western countries, the number of diabetic patients is also increasing in India. About 27 percent of patients are suffering from diabetes in all diseases, in such a situation, the demand for cooking food for diabetic patients is going to be very high in the coming times. You can start this work for around ₹ 20,000 to 40,000.

Bedding And Bedding Business

You can do the work of making beds, quilts, pillows and cots or buy in bulk and supply at wholesale rates. This business comes under the category of evergreen business. It starts with an initial investment of around ₹40,000.

Ac And Water Cooler Supply

AC and Water Cooler supply work is also considered a great and great business idea. If you have a minimum investment of ₹3,00,000 to ₹5,00,000 then you can start a good aisi-water cooler business and earn handsomely.

The low money good businesses mentioned here are based on our personal experience so the minimum investment in these business ideas can go up and down. Please, before starting any of your business or business or work, get information in a proper way, only then proceed according to the proper plan and determine your success.

We hope that you will be able to create a famous business brand by selecting any one of the best low money business mentioned above.

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