How To Start Ball Pen Business – Manufacturing.

Pen is one of the things that come in handy all the time. It is needed everywhere from home to school and school to office. Ball pen business can be started with very little money. Especially the use of ball pen is very much liked by the people of every field. The most special thing about ball pen is that its ink dries up as soon as possible. These days ‘use and throw’ pen is also being used a lot. Use and throw pen or ball pen industry can be started very easily in your home.

Lets see ball pen business in details:

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Materials Needed To Make A Pen.

The following materials are required to make a ball pen for ball pen business.

  • Barrel – The barrel is that part of the pen, in which the ink is filled. You can get this for Rs.140 per 250 pieces.
  • Adapter – The adapter is the part between the barrel and the tip. Which can be found for Rs.4.5 per 144 pieces.
  • Tip – The tip is the part of the pen from where the ink comes out regularly while writing. You can get it for 28 to 35 rupees per 144 pieces.
  • Cap – It is used to cover the pen. The cost of its cover is Rs.25 per 100 pieces.
  • Ink – This is the most important material for the pen which can be found in Rs.120 to Rs.400 per litre.

Where To Buy The Materials Needed For Pen Making

Pen making things can be found in any big wholesale market. Or they can also be found online, which will deliver all these things to your home. To order it online, visit the website given below where you will get material for making ball pen business.

Ball Pen Making Machines

At least 200 square feet of space is required to start this industry. About five machines are placed in this place. Below is being given about all the five machines.

  • Punching Machine: Punching machine is the machine by which the adapter is set in the barrel.
  • Ink Filling Machine: With the help of ink filling machine, ink is filled in the barrel.
  • Tip fixing machine: With the help of tip fixing machine, the tip is fixed in the adapter of the pen, which is helpful in writing.
  • Centrifuging Machine: With the help of this, the excess air left inside the pen while filling the ink is removed from the pen.

Total Cost For Pen Making Business

Generally the cost of cheap machine is Rs.25,000, these machines are good for starting small business. Many big hardware shops sell it. You can visit the website to order it online.

It may take up to 30 to 40 thousand rupees to establish the business of pen making for the first time by taking all the above things. Out of these 40 thousand rupees, 25 thousand are only for the machine. Therefore, it can be inferred that once the machine is set up, this business can be run with minimum investment. Apart from this, if you want to start a big business, then an automatic machine is required for this, which you can get up to 4 lakh rupees. The total cost for this can be more than this.

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Ball Pen Making Process

The process of making a pen is easy and takes less time. Full details of this process are being given here.

  • First of all the barrel has to be put in the punching machine. Adapters are already fitted in this machine. Seeing the barrel adapter, the adapter is set in the barrel as soon as the punch is placed in the right place.
  • After the adapter is set, the process of filling ink in the barrel comes. Ink filling machine is used to fill ink. Ink filling machine is pre-filled with ink. While filling the ink, it is important to keep in mind that the ink should be filled according to the size of the barrel. By filling more ink, it can also come out, which can also affect the quality of the pen.
  • After this keep the hand on the upper hole of the barrel, then it is put in the tip fixing machine. With the help of this machine, the tip is applied in the ink-filled barrel. After this it turns into a barrel pen.
  • After this, this pan is put in the centrifuging machine so that the extra air inside it comes out.
  • Now this pen can be used comfortably for writing. Similarly, with the help of machines, you can make more number of pens and you can launch your brand pen in the market.

Ball Pen Making Business Marketing

Many small and big companies are doing business of pens in the market, in such a situation; there is a need to take some special steps to increase their business. Keeping the quality of pen better is the first condition of marketing. To maintain the quality, first of all the pen ink has to be of better quality. Along with this, another major requirement is that the quality of the tip should also be good so that the handwriting can be good. You can use big and small posters and hoardings to promote your brand. Get your brand holdings installed at the advanced places of the city so that more and more people can see your brand.

Ball Pen Packaging

While packing, prepare such packets, which look attractive. The meaning is that, at the cost of five pens, put one more pen in the packet as an offer. This will attract customers towards your brand. Generally packets of 5 or 10 pieces can be made for selling pens. You can also sell it openly.

Ball Pen Business Registration

First start the business and when the business starts running at a fast pace then register your brand. You can register your company as LLP, OPC or PVT. LTD. You need to take a trade license from your local authority. It is also necessary to have a current bank account and PAN card in the name of the company. It does not require the license of ‘Pollution Control Board’. It is very important to start big business.

Conclusion: Ball pen business is a very profitable business in India. Even in the digital era everybody needs ball pen for writing purpose especially students and for office work. So set your mind and start your own ball pen business.

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