16 Lucrative Businesses to Start from Home In 2023

In this article we are going over 16 Lucrative Businesses to Start from Home In 2023 . Here I’m actually going to dive a little bit deeper into how to start each of these businesses, as well as the exact game plan. I’ll also give you some resources that you can check out so that you can learn more about each of these business types overall, every business on this list is one that I think has massive potential. If you’re an inspiring entrepreneur, this is the time to get started. So without further, let’s get started.

Here’s 16 Lucrative Businesses to Start from Home In 2023

1. Bookkeeping



The first business we’re talking about today is bookkeeping. This business should be able to pay anywhere from $19 to $30 per hour or more. Now, a lot of people think that bookkeeping is extremely hard to get into, but it’s actually not. For those of you that might not know, bookkeeping is the process of recording the financial transactions of a company. So what did the company buy? What did the company spend etc and what’s so great about this job is that certification’s actually not required, however, to make yourself a more marketable and attractive bookkeeper for smaller businesses, a great game plan to follow is to start taking free online courses and then leveraging that knowledge in a formal online certification course.

You can start small by posting your work on freelance websites like FiverrUpwork etc. Showing that you are a talented and reliable bookkeeper. The more work you do, the more opportunities you’ll get from bigger and bigger businesses. And yet, eventually you can provide bookkeeping services for multiple clients at the same time. Now the pay for bookkeepers can actually vary wildly. I’ve seen bookkeepers be paid up to a hundred dollars per hour and just really is based on the experience as well as the demand for your services.

There are tons and tons of entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations looking for bookkeepers, especially with the boom in entrepreneurship right now. And yeah, I really like it because it is outsourceable at some point you can leverage with building a team, but also the fact is that you can do from anywhere you want.

2. Content Creator

content creator

Next up is becoming a content creator. So as a content creator, you really have no ceiling when it comes to pay. Look at YouTube creators like Pew, Dai Pi, or Mr. Beast who each have a hundred million subscribers on their channels and easily make millions of dollars per month on their videos. As a content creator myself, a much smaller one, I can tell you that it is incredibly satisfying to own a business that is based on your own creative freedom. Plus, it can pay extremely well even if you don’t have millions of subscribers. I’ll say that it is very hard to build an audience at first, but here are some actionable steps you can take to launch your content creation career.

First, find a marketable niche with an audience that is large enough to grow, but not so large that they’re. Thousands of other content creators doing the same thing as you. Next, you’re going to have to set an actionable, reasonable plan for creating your content. How often will you post? Do you want to do quality or do you want to do quality? And yeah, any technical knowledge gaps can be addressed on YouTube, the things that stay consistent and be passionate about what you’re talking about. Now with my main YouTube channel, I’m able to make over $2 million per year just by monetizing it. And yeah, I think a lot of people don’t. How profitable YouTube and content creation can be.

What I would do if I was starting out is make a ton of videos on YouTube shorts, on TikTok, and on Instagram reels, because all these, you can basically create one video and repost it onto all different platforms. After that, start making long form content, create a catalog of evergreen videos, and then start focusing on more trending topics. Yeah, just stay at this consistently for a long, long time. Eventually, you’ll be able to monetize using affiliate marketing by selling your own courses as well as YouTube absence and doing sponsorships. The potential is actually literally limitless with this, and I really do think it’s one of the best jobs in the world.

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3. Social Media Manager


social media manager

This business should usually net you between 14 to $35 per hour, but of course, pay can vary depending on who you work for. So as a social media manager, the job description is in the name. You’ll basically be managing the social media of your and to successfully build a business, you need to have a solved understanding of social media, including the platforms, the trends, and the statistics. Start by building your own knowledge base and skill set.

When it comes to social media, try running a theme page or a small YouTube channel as you can. Never run out of ideas here take courses or watch online videos, breaking down how influencers build and maintain audiences. On platforms like Instagram, soly, add accomplishments, certifications, and experiences to your resume, and then approach small businesses who you think are suffering or can be improved in these social media departments and advertise your work and your skills.

As long as you can bring value when it comes to publishing a business, you’ll definitely be needed somewhere, and there are so many possibilities for this type of business. Jordan Quinn, for example, is a Canadian influencer who owns an agency business called Social IQ that specializes in marketing, branding, and web development geared especially, assisting or managing the online platforms of parenting bloggers.

Now, whether it is parenting bloggers, cooking businesses, or entrepreneurs, there is plenty of freedom in the work you can do as a social media manager and of course, the pay is not limited to what I said earlier. You can absolutely build an entire agency around this and make six, seven, or even eight figures per year. You know social media is blowing up even more, and this is really the perfect time to get into this industry.

4. Lawn Mowing

lawn mowing

The next one we’re talking about is a little bit different, and this is a lawn mowing business. Now with a lawn mowing business, you can usually earn 42 $50 per lawn as a reasonable starring pay. However, this business has quite a bit of room to grow, and you can definitely build your business into a company that can net you way more over time. Take for instance, Brian’s lawn, which is a lawn care business started by Brian Fullerton in 2007. That is now both a lawn care business and an online resource for other entrepreneurs.

They have a website, a YouTube channel, an Instagram profile, and online course that have all amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and users. The beauty of a lawn mowing business is that the startup cost is cheap and it’s relatively easy to get started. All you need is some capital to buy the proper equipment, which will include the lawnmower, the string trimmer, the leaf blower, other tools and protective gear. Don’t forget about how you will transport these tools too. So you may need a truck instead of using your own car, or if just doing neighbors, you could probably just wheel around your equipment.

Once you have all that sorted, you can start reaching out to neighbors and local residents to see if their lawns need trimming bill’s scheduled for your operations so you can manage several clients at the same time. And if you really want to get you can legalize your lawn care business into a legitimate operation, especially when you start hiring others to help you. I personally love this business idea because it’s a great idea where you can really get started at any age if you’re in middle school or high school. This is really a perfect business, and I do consider it a pretty high value skill.

5. Freelance Writer

freelance writer

So this job can usually earn you between 50 to $200 per with plenty of room to grow and if you really want to see how far you can go with your freelance writing business, definitely look into the career and rise of Alex Fasulo, who’s a freelance writer who largely operates on fiber and as of today, has made over $1.5 million on the platform alone. What you would do is research the freelance writing industry, what are successful riders doing? And once you’ve gauged the market, you can then build your own business and if you feel like you struggle with writing, consider taking an online course to help improve your grammar and syntax and to also learn how to write four businesses you’re catering to.

For example, book publishers and YouTubers each incorporate very different cells of writing, and so you should figure out where your strengths are in writing. What you would do is you would spend one to two months learning the whole process of writing for whatever niche you’ve picked. For example, if you want to, you know, get into writing YouTube scripts, watch a lot of YouTube videos, build out a system for writing your and then build up a portfolio.

With that portfolio, you can now reach out to YouTubers or whoever else you’re targeting and offer to write them a free script. If you crush it on that free script, I guarantee you they’re going to come back for more. And yeah one of the great things about freelance writing is that you can actually outsource some of the work. You can outsource some of the research. You can actually outsource all of the writing itself. Yeah, over time, this has actually become a very big agency. You’ll do all the writing at first, but then later you’ll train people to write with the same style, and with that, you’ll have a lot of leverage. Overall, a super cool business that you can start from anywhere. And I really do think that the demand for these types of writers is blowing up.

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6. E-Commerce Business

ecommerce business

E-commerce is the purchase and sale of goods online, and any e-commerce business has virtually unlimited potential for growth and wealth. Warby Parker, for instance, is an online retailer of eyewear that started off. Small e-commerce business is now found on the New York Stock Exchange. You can think of this type of business as opening an online store. You first need to choose a product to sell. To do this, you can research the market and find a niche that strikes a balance between being relatively competitive while also targeting a large enough audience. Make sure to research the cost of supply and also begin to see what other costs there are so that you can calculate your.

Then you’ll choose an e-commerce platform to sell on. There’s Shopify, there’s Amazon really, the list is endless with the platforms. Of course, there are so many different types of e-commerce businesses, so I know this can be a pretty general broad topic we have. The most important thing is that your product is actually a little bit different than other people’s products, so that you’re not viewed as a commodity because this is really going to drive down your price as well. It instead, do something a little bit different, funnel things up, change something that other people in reviews are saying could be worked on.

You sort of get my point, right? Like make your product better or different than others. From there on, you’ll want to build reviews. You’ll want to work out your logistics, and most importantly, you just wanna get started. Yes, the e-commerce business can take some time and money to start growing, but it’s an online store. This is, in my opinion, way better than a physical location store because you can sell to the entire world. Yeah, super awesome business that you can do from anywhere. And I personally know so many really successful e-commerce sellers. You can also build a business, build equity in it, and sell at some point, and that can net you a lot of money.

7. Affiliate Marketing

affilate marketing

All right, so next up is affiliate marketing, and the money you can make from affiliate marketing is highly variable and largely depends on the size of your audience. If you don’t know affiliate market, form of marketing where businesses reward you, the affiliate for every visitor or customer that you bring. I myself use affiliate marketing with my content by attaching affiliate links to the descriptions of my articles. Now I get a commission for every viewer that actually clicks on that link and buys something.

Now to get into affiliate marketing, you can start on any platform, whether it is Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or some other social media. The first step and the hardest step are to actually build an audience with your content. There are different ways of doing this, depending on your choice of platform, but the one thing that applies to anyone who wants to build an audience is to provide value and to be consistent with that value.

This means finding a niche that is not too competitive or a niche where you’re actually highly knowledgeable. Yeah, so for example, I make a ton of content about, let’s say, investing and within those investing videos I’ll have links to, you know, stock platforms and when people click on those links and sign up, I do actually get small commission. What you want to do is build up that audience first, and then you can join affiliate marketing platforms like Share Sale, commission Junction, or Impact Radius.

These platforms have tons and tons of companies on there who are looking for, you know, affiliate marketers like you join those programs and then start making content that align with. Those products or services, and I guarantee you the earning potential for this is pretty much unlimited. You got some do this on social media, you got some do blogs, and you got some do newsletters. There’s so many creative ways you can get into affiliate marketing and of course the great thing is that it’s all online based.

You don’t need to be in a physical location. It’s highly leveraged because you know your audience is all over the world , there are billions of people that’s how I’ve been able to make over a hundred thousand dollars per month in passive income through affiliate marketing and also think that is, you know, somewhat at the low end, there are people making way more money than that. So this is really cool business with very, very high earning potential.

8. Any Type Agency

any type agency

The next business we’re talking about is just starting up any type of agency. An agency is simply a company that provides specific services so they can do things like assist with web development, social media market.  Influencer marketing and other highly valuable skills because an agency can be such a scalable business, the money that you can make from starting one can go as high as, you know, 6, 7, 8, even nine figures. And take a look at a company like Omnicon Group, which is a New York based advertising agency that now generates billions of dollars of revenue a year. There’s unlimited potential with starting an agency.

So, first things first, determine your niche. Your agency will have to specialize in something and realizing what. To specialize in can help you do research into your industry, your client markets, and your competition. Choose a niche that you are knowledgeable about and that you are good at. After that, you’re going to want to decide whether or not you want to make your agency remote this can actually really reduce your start costs and enable flexibility for your business as well as your workers.

This also may mean that you can charge lower prices, get more customers, and just have lower overhead overall. Because of course, if you’re fully remote you can, you know, hire people from different that are probably a lot less expensive than hiring people just in the states or wherever you are. After that, you’re going to want to decide on a business model for your agency to run on. For example, you need to decide whether your services should be paid on a flat rate, on commission or on hourly rate once you have a pretty good idea of what you want your agency to be, start hiring people to help you or work for you start at small scale.

Maybe you can actually fulfill all the work yourself at first, and then after you get a client base, that’s when you can make your first hire. Now, the hardest part about your agency is no putting out good work, but beyond that, it’s going to be marketing and getting clients. What I recommend doing is get on social media, offer a lot of value to your target audience. These are the people that would actually, you know, hire you in the future. And yeah, if you can build trust with that and provide so much free value, it’s very likely that they’ll actually come to you for your paid services. You can also do direct outreach to different companies, and yeah, you can get very, very creative with how you get. Overall, this is a really cool business that can create a lot of cash flow for yourself.

9. Website Development

website development

So this is a business that should be able to pay between 80 to a hundred dollars per hour or more. Websites are like virtual real estate, and at this point they’re always going to be in demand. The great thing is that yes, you can become an actual web developer, but there are so many platforms now that allow you to build websites without any coding experience. So I really do think that the learning curve is a lot smaller than it was before. The first thing you’re going to want to do is teach yourself how to build a website. And yeah, like I said, it’s actually not as hard as it might seem. Watch YouTube videos, maybe get some courses, and most importantly, just practice a lot and build up your portfolio.

I recommend platforms like Webflow, WordPress. Squarespace hosting Wicks, really, the list is endless. After that, you’re going to want to reach out to people who may need websites, so you can get really craved with this, right? You can target entrepreneurs, you can target YouTubers, you can target Twitch streamers. Really just choose a niche and then stick with that. Don’t just make general websites for everyone.

Focus on one particular niche get really good at that. Have your entire portfolio, you know, very specialized, and I guarantee you that’s going to make your conversion rates a lot higher when getting new clients. There’s going to be a lot of outreach needed, but as you build up your client base and you know, give them really, really good results. They’re going to refer you to the people that they know, and I guarantee you, your business is going to blow up like in a good way. Overall, this is a very great high value skill that can be done just from your laptop, and I definitely think it’s one of the perfect businesses that you guys can start during a recession or really any time.

10. Graphic Designer

graphic designer

So with graphic design, you can actually make a lot of money. I’d estimate anywhere between 30 to a hundred dollars per hour. Businesses always need graphic designers to design logo, flyers, advertisements, emails, and any other form of marketing. Well, it takes a bit of time to actually build your own skills and experience in this realm of business.

I can see this business doing extremely well. Once you get the hang of things, your universal game plan as a graphic designer is to just continually build your portfolio, start learning, watch a ton of videos, buy some courses, and do think that you can build it from really great skills within one to two months if you can start to focus on a particular niche and then start firing. Client, your first clients are going to be so important because this is where you’re going to learn more about the business and if you can really deliver to these clients, they’re going to tell their friends and yeah, the word of mouth for, you know, graphic design is very, very big.

This can turn into a full-time agency if you have enough clients. And overall, it’s just a very high value skill you can do from your computer and it’s really a skill that a lot of people can learn just from home. If I were interested in graphic design, I think now would be a perfect time to into this business.

11. Thumbnail Creator

So the next business that you can start is becoming a thumbnail creator for YouTubers. So as a thumbnail creator, you can expect to make between five to, let’s say, a ten dollars per thumbnail. What I recommend doing is study some of the best thumbnails that are on YouTube, see what makes certain thumbnails perform really well, and start building up your own portfolio. Like many, many other businesses on this list, this can be done fully, remotely.

And the biggest challenge for this is to, one, get good of. But also to find clients, So how I would approach this as a YouTuber who has a ton of people reaching out to me asking if they can make my thumbnails is to just, you know, offer free value at the start. This is going to, you know, instantly separate yourself from everyone else that’s reaching out. And yeah, if you can make them a really, solid free thumbnail, I guarantee you they’re going to come back because thumbnails are extremely important.

If you don’t want to get started that way, you can actually just start going on Fiver or Upwork. You’ll generally probably make a bit less on those platforms, but that will allow you to build up a portfolio. Overall, I think this business has so much potential because, You know, more and more people are getting onto YouTube. More and more people are realizing just how important these thumbnails are, and so yeah, if you can become one of the best thumbnail makers, I really do think that this can become a six figure business.

12. Buy and Sell Domains

The next business is buying and selling domains. So as we’ve already talked about, businesses and companies will always need websites for their businesses, and every website needs a domain name that is simple and memorable. This is where buying and reselling domains can be a profitable business idea for you.

First, think of some niches that you’re really familiar with, because then you’ll have a better understanding of the values of certain domain names over others. Next, you should check the avail. Some domain names that you’ve thought of. A great place to check is just going to be like GoDaddy or Name cheap. And yet they’re even going to list prices for preexisting domain names that are already taken. Compare the price of your chosen domain name with other similar domains on name bio.com and buy once you feel confident in this domain name and its price afterwards. Choose a great platform to put your domain name in front of the buyer’s market and then wait for a buyer to come in.

I recently read a great article about a man named Rick Schwartz, a self-proclaimed domain king, who’s made millions of registering and selling domains to massive clients, including CNN, of course, this took them a lot of time, but you can definitely see the potential here. You can also sell your domain names on social media, and yeah, I think the big technical skill here is identifying which names have not yet been taken, but have a lot of potential buying them for like five to $10 a year, and then securing the right buyers.

Another way to do this is you’ll buy, create logos for them and then make some type of website platform selling these brand identities. So for example, let’s say the domain name, the brown chicken.com is available. I’d buy that. I’d make some type of logo for it, and I’d package that together and sell it to people that want us. Starts a company within that niche. I actually think this is really smart because people are way more likely to buy a domain if they see it packaged with some type of logo. And yeah, there are some companies out there doing this, but if you can do this yourself, I think that can be an amazing business idea.

13. Website Remodeling / SEO

Next business we’re talking about is website remodeling / SEO on top of domain names. Company websites constantly need to be remodeled and optimized for users as well as search engines. This is a fundamental part of doing business online, and so a lot of website remodelers / SEO consultants are constantly in demand. To get started with this business, you will definitely have to understand the basics of web design while also researching the ins and outs.

Search engine optimization or SEO, there are plenty of awesome videos online, and if you wanted to go deeper, take some online courses. This is going to take a lot of time and dedication because SEO is highly important and requires a significantly larger knowledge base than a lot of the other businesses on this list.

Once you’re comfortable with the fundamentals of optimization, start assembling a portfolio of ideas that you want to provide for your clients. So let’s say for example, you guys want to set up an SEO service, right? So search engine optimization for businesses, what I absolutely recommend doing is inching down and focusing on specific industries.

The last thing you want to do is become an SEO company that, you know, focuses on all types of companies. Instead, you’re going to want to focus on one particular industry and focus on SEO services only for those types of businesses. You might think, okay, that’s going to, you know, make it so that I can’t work with that many businesses, but it’s going to be the exact opposite. If you’re very specialized with your services, and I guarantee you more and more people are going to be inclined to use you versus someone else, that’s more general, because of course you are special. Why would they not? After that, offer your SEO services for friends. Maybe find some small businesses around you or that are online and slowly build up your client list.

Focus a lot of time and money on your actual delivery because that’s what’s going to, you know, makes you have returning customers, and that’s what’s going to make them actually refer you to other businesses. I think SEO is a skill that a lot of people have zero clues about, but it’s also one that you can learn in a relatively short amount of time. Overall, it’s one of the best high value skills I think anyone can learn. And if you want to create a business that’s fully based online, this is going to be one of the best ones that you can start.

14. Copywriter

The next business you can start is becoming a copywriter. So a copywriter who writes the text that is used for advertising products or services. It’s a critical aspect of marketing, right? Slogans like Just Do It are what make companies like Nike so unforgettable. This is why copywriters are so important to businesses and why copywriting is such a recession proof, high value skill. The first important thing to note is that there are no educational requirements to becoming a really good copywriter.

However, what I recommend doing is actually start learning online, perhaps get some type of online certification for copywriting, and then build up that resume. If you want to build up your resume but don’t have any people to write for, you can definitely consider completing a copywriting in. This can definitely help you gain experience as well as network with the right people in a similar space as you.

But yeah, if you want to skip that, I recommend just get good at copywriting, offer the service to your friends and to small businesses and offer to write them some free or discounted copy. Start small and your copywriting as it helps more and more businesses will justify your value. You can also get started on fivver and Upwork, but those are generally going to pay you a bit less, and I think that for most people the best way to get started is, like I said, reach out to businesses and people fulfill these service.

Self on your own and at some point start hiring people to do the writing for you. It’s absolutely a skill that you can train other people to have, and that’s why this can turn into a massive, scalable business that resembles an agency. Copywriting is another really, really great high value skill that I think everyone should have, and that’s why it has the potential to make a lot of money and turn into a full on agency.

15. Sales

Sales and I know this is a very broad category, but that’s because there are so many possibilities here. Obviously, companies will always need people to sell their products and services, and if you feel like sales is the business you want to take on, then these companies will always need people like you.

Now, the type of business that I personally would start, uh, in sales is creating some type of agency where you find setters, teach them, how to sell high ticket products, and then put those set within other businesses. The reason why this is so cool is because you can actually, you know, train people to become good salespeople, and then these companies who are looking for people to sell their high ticket products will often pay between, let’s say five to $10,000 per person.

And yeah, this is just a placement fee. You guys, they’ll literally pay your company five to $10,000 to make the intro to someone that you have trained and put that person within their company. You guys can probably see why this is so scalable, and it’s because you can basically create some type of teaching people how to become great salespeople. Enroll them in that course that you’ve created, and if it works, then you’ll have a ton of great salespeople that other businesses are really going to want to have within their company. Do this and then reach out to businesses that sell high tickets programs, and then offer to place your setters within their company.

This is a super high margin business. That can be done from anywhere, and I really think it’s in an industry, a niche that is blowing up.

16. Virtual Assistant

There’s so many companies and entrepreneurs out there that need a lot of things done, including scheduling appointments, arranging travel, making phone calls, or organizing inboxes, these tasks and eat up a lot of productive times.

So what these people will often do is hire virtual assistances to do these tasks for them. Now, this is probably one of the lower paying jobs on this list, but it can be done from anywhere. You can build up a lot of Skills. It’s really not one of those jobs that you’ll probably do forever, but it’s such a great way to get into the online space and start making money from home.

Just from your laptop, you’ll probably want to have some skills like being good at Microsoft Office, Excel, whatever it is, but for most people, they’re going to learn a lot of these skills are while on the job. The great thing is that you don’t need to have a degree, you just need to be hardworking and you need to be able to actually, you know, take on a lot of tasks and be able to sort of multitask.

If you’re good at this, then I think you can become an awesome virtual assistant. And yeah, if you’re in the States, you can probably charge between 15 to $30 an hour, and eventually you may even be able to create some type of virtual assistant company or platform where you set up virtual assistance with other entrepreneurs.

You can get really craves with this industry, but I really do think that there are so many people that are going to be looking to hire virtual assistants within the next five to 10 years, and you can either be the virtual assistant yourself, or you can be the one to actually find virtual assistants, train them, and then place them within other companies.

Conclusion:  There are lots of businesses you can do to earn extra dollars from home or work remotely. The list shown above is just some of them. Every business needs hard working and passion for the work.

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